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Transforming your unfinished basement ideas to a finished, usable space can significantly enhance your lifestyle. Not only do you gain space, you can also gain significant equity from making the right choices. Sometimes basements are the overflow for everything extra in our lives and they become the staging area for ideas to be dealt with later. Sometimes we get to them but most of the time we don’t. When you remodel a basement, we believe it’s possible to remodel your life. The sooner the basement is finished, the better! What can you do to an  unfinished basement? The possibilities are endless really.

Is your basement dirty? Are you scared to go down there at night? Have you ever even let anyone down there? Here at J. Henry Construction in Winfield, IL, we take extreme pride in our work as basement contractors because we see such an extreme difference from before and after. Finished basement ideas turn storage space into a dedicated space and that is always cleaner, more efficient, and more productive than storage space. From spare bedrooms, offices, and half baths to game rooms, HD theatres, and extra party space with a custom bar top, our goal is to bring together all the elements of vision, design and construction for a finished product that surpasses even the highest expectations.

Basement Ideas To Truly Transform Your Home

Have you ever wondered how to finish a basement? J. Henry Construction understands that basement design is just the beginning. Basement design plans can be traditional, historic, modern, or industrial depending on where you live in Chicago, IL, Aurora, IL, or Geneva, IL. We are committed to working hand in hand with you to deliver the basement you have been envisioning. We follow the codes and we always put safety first so your basement is as safe as the rest of your house. Finishing a basement is more than just putting up a few walls and throwing down a carpet. Things should be considered in a basement that don’t need to be thought of anywhere else in the house. We should talk about some of those things before we get to work. Give us call to discuss what you have in mind

Understand Your Basement Flooring Options

Basements have such a variety of uses throughout Chicago, IL. This means more choices when it comes to finished basement flooring ideas. Depending on what rooms and activities will occupy your newly remodeled area, your unfinished basement flooring will soon become finished basement flooring. We will take the time to talk options because the best flooring for a finished basement is new flooring. Keep in mind things like moisture play a different role down here. Basement bedroom flooring has come a long way as well and there may be options you are unaware of.

Expert Basement Finishing

Henry Construction in Winfield, IL is your total basement finishing expert. Whether you are finishing your basement on a budget or wanting to go the high end luxury route, we will make it happen.

Basement finishing services are everywhere and it pays to do a little research to find the one that’s right for you. As always, we do our basement finishing quotes at no charge!!!

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