J. Henry Construction Provides Premium Bathroom Remodeling

As you prepare to upgrade a bathroom, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. At J. Henry Construction, we believe one of the most important choices you have is who you choose to be your bathroom contractor. Bathroom remodeling in Chicagoland demands different designs for different areas. As modern bathroom designs become more and more popular, a historic home is always right around the corner in the northwest suburbs.  We appreciate and specialize in both.

Bathrooms have the potential to turn from a simple upgrade to a full blown remodel in the blink of an eye. When moving tubs, toilets, plumbing, and electric around, one should always have a contingency plan for the emergency or the unseen water damage. Safety should always be most important on any job and preparation is a close second. Oftentimes, a homeowner underestimates the small bathroom ideas they have in mind. Don’t worry, we have the ability to do it all. From the upgraded hardware to the elaborate walk-in showers with heated tiles to whirlpools,  we can create anything you can imagine.

As your custom bathroom contractor, we promise to listen, collaborate, design, and deliver the bathroom of your dreams! We understand the importance of your bathroom to your home.

Bathroom Renovations That Make Any Chicagoland Home Shine

A nice cozy bathroom goes a long way in any house. A bathroom is possibly the only room in the whole house a guest may find themselves alone. What will your guests notice about your bathroom? Sometimes it’s as simple as a new coat of paint. Sometimes it’s as easy as redoing bathroom tile. A new toilet color may completely change how you start your day or the way you think about life.

When considering a luxury bathroom on the other hand, it’s important to think well beyond the basics. Some of our master bathroom designs have included laundry shoots to the basement, heated tiles, heated towel racks, electric hand dryers, and a heated bidet. Others included simply a skylight, a new shower head, and a coat of paint in an already well designed space. In the northwest suburbs of Winfield, IL, Carol Stream, IL, Glen Ellyn, and Wheaton, IL, everybody deserves to come home to the feeling of a luxury bathroom.      

A Wide Range of Bathroom Shower Options

Do you have some bathroom shower ideas? We would love to hear them. We can discuss all of them. Don’t worry if your bathroom is on the smaller side either. Small bathroom shower ideas can usually be completed with a smaller budget and a shorter timeline. J. Henry Construction will professionally design your bathroom remodel with a tub, shower, walk-in, whirlpool, and more. We are extending our services to Elmhurst, IL, Lombard, IL, and Villa Park, IL as well.

Bathroom Tile & Flooring Choices To Complement Your Home

Whether in downtown Chicago, IL or Winfield, IL, sometimes it makes sense to redo the bathroom tile and leave the plumbing and lighting alone. Not only is it a low cost way to completely change the look of a smaller space, a bathroom tile remodel is also quick and clean. A coat of paint on the walls and the base mouldings and we have a brand new bathroom. Your guests will love it. We will research the best flooring for your bathroom remodel because every step in your new bathroom should be a comfortable step. Some of our best work here at J. Henry Construction has been a quick remodel of the bathroom tile.

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